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J Mould HQ

J Mould (Reading), Berrys Lane, Reading, UK

Burghfield Common Post Office

Burghfield Common Post Office, Recreation Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, UK

Marshalls Pet Food Store

Marshalls Pet Food Store, Reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, UK

The Fruit Shop

The Fruit Shop, Reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, UK

Harry's Coffee Shop

Harry's Coffee Shop, Reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, UK

Get your free wildflower seeds!

Feel the bloom! Embrace the beauty of nature with our complimentary wildflower seeds, accessible to all enthusiasts. Discover our display boxes filled with seed packets at shop locations in Burghfield and the surrounding areas listed below. A full list of locations will be available from 1st April.  

Why plant wildflowers?

Biodiversity Boost

Planting wildflower seeds contributes to increased biodiversity by providing a diverse range of plant species. This, in turn, supports a variety of insects, birds, and other wildlife, creating a healthier and more resilient ecosystem.

Pollinator Support

Wildflowers are essential for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. By planting wildflower seeds, you create a vital food source for these pollinators, aiding in their survival and promoting the pollination of other plants in the area.

Soil Health Improvement

Wildflowers have deep roots that help improve soil structure and prevent erosion. Their presence enhances soil fertility and promotes water retention, leading to healthier and more sustainable soil for other plant life.

Climate Resilience

Wildflowers are well-adapted to local climates, making them more resilient to changing environmental conditions. Planting these seeds can contribute to the development of a robust and climate-resilient landscape, especially in the face of climate change.

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