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Successful demolition contracts require careful, professional planning; the process starts long before the first project teams arrive on site.

Responsible & Efficient Demolition

Domestic Demolition

As principal contractor, JMR ensures that full control of each project remains firmly in the client’s hands. The company’s in-house operations team delivers a range of skills and expertise that includes structural demolition, high-reach demolition, robotic demolition, concrete cutting, diamond drilling and, for noise-sensitive areas, hydraulic crushing and bursting.

Commercial Demolition

During the course of many diverse projects, undertaken over a period spanning more than five decades, J Mould (Reading) has developed processes and procedures that take into account every detail and every potential obstacle – starting from the moment a client puts an idea on the table. J Mould (Reading) undertakes some of the most challenging demolition projects in the UK, utilising state-of-the-art deconstruction techniques to best effect.

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