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Hazardous Waste Removal

As a registered waste carrier, J Mould (Reading) is licensed to remove and to transport hazardous waste to an appropriate disposal facility. The company has invested in a substantial fleet of roll-on/roll-off bin lorries, articulated bulkers and 32-tonne tippers, all of which can be brought into play as the requirements of each project dictate.



Removing and transporting asbestos is a common requirement. JMR operates as an asbestos-removal contractor either as part of a larger project or on a stand-alone basis. Once the planned removal work is complete, the company’s in-house teams make the material safe for transport prior to transporting it to a licensed asbestos-disposal facility. At every stage, the work is fully compliant with relevant legislation, industry guidelines and accepted best practice.


The nature of any soil contaminants dictates the treatment of the material. In most cases, removal under controlled conditions is completed by JMR’s site personnel, following which the contaminated soil is transported either to JMR’s own recycling facility or to an appropriately licensed disposal site. Wherever possible, the company identifies an appropriate re-use for reclaimed material following decontamination, reducing the need for landfill disposal.

Traceable waste

Notified hazardous materials and toxic wastes containing dangerous substances are removed and transported in the manner prescribed by relevant regulations. As required by law, the company maintains fully traceable records of all waste movements from sites under its control in addition to all contracted removal and transport on behalf of third parties.

Excelling in Sensitive Environments

JMR ensures complete compliance with all relevant legislation and regulation regarding removal and transport of hazardous waste, in every case with due regard to minimising the environmental impact of the work. Where contamination requires expert investigation, the company works with recognised experts to identify appropriate decontamination measures prior to removal. In every instance, the client remains well informed, professionally advised and fully compliant.

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