Successful demolition contracts require careful, professional planning; the process starts long before the first project teams arrive on site.

J Mould (Reading) offers a full-service demolition, deconstruction and dismantling capability that draws on more than four decades of experience across many hundreds of projects. At every stage of the process, JMR brings to the table an exceptional level of engineering expertise that ensures success.

At the pre-contract stage, JMR provides comprehensive professional advice and practical assistance on related issues, including feasibility studies, estimates and budgets, planning and logistics, simulations, approvals, decontamination, legislation, environmental concerns and more. Clients have all the information needed to proceed with confidence. Effective execution of enabling works provides a solid foundation for a successful project; once contracts are agreed, enabling works commence and JMR’s in-house site-preparation teams take over. With enabling works complete, the site is ready for demolition to commence, with appropriate access, fencing and security, signage and other infrastructure all in place.

JMR’s experience extends to managing and executing projects that require significant temporary works, including facade retention and party-wall shoring. Working within the constraints imposed by neighbouring buildings and existing site topology is part of Mould’s day-to-day portfolio of expertise.

JMR’s state-of-the-art demolition techniques address the specific needs of each project. In line with NFDC guidance, contracts are executed subject to specific method statements and relevant risk assessments. Top-down deconstruction, manual and machine dismantling, hi-reach techniques and other specialist procedures are brought into play where necessary.