Bulk Earthmoving

Earthmoving is a fundamentally important construction activity, and one which requires careful planning and execution.


Whether for site preparation, landscaping or re-profiling, earthmoving requires the same degree of planning and preparation as any other aspect of a successful construction contract. J Mould (Reading) is equipped to extract, redistribute and, where necessary, remove from site the substantial quantities of bulk material typically present during a major project.

Significant earthmoving works require careful preparation. Following the survey phase, JMR’s in-house team completes the volumetric calculations required for accurate planning and budgeting. The company’s comprehensive range of bulk-excavation equipment, complemented by a fleet of bulk-transport vehicles,accommodates the scope of even the largest earthmoving projects.


Whenever project constraints allow, JMR makes maximum re-use of excavated material. When extracted volumes exceed requirements for re-use, removal to an appropriate off-site facility is straightforward in view of JMR’s status as a licensed waste carrier. While JMR typically operates as Main Contractor, the company offers a specialist sub-contract earthmoving service when required.

JMR are also able to deal with contaminated brownfield sites, analysing existing site investigation data to delineate the contamination for selective segregated excavation, disposing of the contaminated soils by the most cost effective licenced route, with the ability to divert contaminated soils to treatment facilities therefore avoiding the requirement to pay landfill tax, currently £80 per tonne. Let us deal with your contamination headaches!

JMR has the capability to deal with earthmoving projects at any scale, with works including full site preparation, topsoil stripping, landscaping, large-scale cut and fill, bulk excavation, on-site recycling and brown-field remediation. The company prides itself on approaching every contract with the same degree of professional care and expertise, delivering in each case a construction-ready site to the customer’s exact requirements.