J Mould (Reading) is a specialist haulage company registered with the Environment Agency for waste operations (Waste Management Licence No:101644).

The company has more than 45 years’ experience in bulk excavation and haulage of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. With a fleet of more than 50 bulk-transport vehicles, JMRs is equipped to deal with haulage contracts of all sizes and complexity.

Removal and haulage of demolition waste, whether as part of a larger project or as a standalone contract, forms a major part of JMR’s haulage operations. As a licensed asbestos contractor and an experienced site-remediation specialist, the company is often contracted to remove contaminated waste from sites across the south of England and Wales. JMR’s in-house haulage teams transport these materials safely and professionally to approved disposal sites throughout the UK.

Non-hazardous demolition waste is typically consigned to the company’s own recycling facility where it is assessed and processed, either for re-use or disposal. JMR’s disposal facility in Reading is licensed to accept waste for use in construction (Site Type SR/07), playing a part in reducing the 10 million tonnes of construction products wasted every year by the industry.

Every one of JMR’s haulage clients receives the same standard of professional advice and practical assistance, with the same end objective – prompt, professional removal and transport of site wastes from all types of industrial and commercial premises.