Enabling Works

Thorough preparation makes a massive difference to the success of a project.

That’s exactly how J Mould (Reading) approaches each contract; ensuring the site is ready for the planned works is the first step in a well-proven formula. Making the site “demolition-ready” – and prepared for the following construction works – is another seemingly straightforward process that’s actually anything but.

Access and security are top priorities – before clearance can commence, clear vehicular access and a secure perimeter are essential. Ensuring the safety of all site users while preventing unauthorised access by would-be intruders or the general public is a must. JMR’s in-house teams manage construction and erection of roadways, signage, protective hoardings and security fencing, enabling site preparation to go ahead.

At this point, the thoroughness of JMR’s pre-contract works is validated. General site clearance, together with removal of identified hazardous substances – including notifiable asbestos where this is present – proceeds in a secure, unobstructed environment. Excavation and, where necessary, segregation and removal of contaminated soil provides unrestricted access for following phases of work.

JMR liaises with utility companies to ensure safe disconnection of relevant supplies – all of which is handled in-house – before proceeding to remove HVAC and other plant, soft-strip and complete any specified internal alteration works. Prior to commencement of demolition, the site is completely clear of all material and sub-structures that might otherwise hinder or pose a risk to the operational teams.