Demolition, Deconstruction & Dismantling

J Mould (Reading) undertakes some of the most challenging demolition projects in the UK, utilising state-of-the-art deconstruction techniques to best effect.

During more than 45 years in the industry, JMR has successfully completed complex contracts in busy urban areas, high-profile public facilities and operational commercial premises as well as heavily contaminated brown-field sites.

JMR owns and operates a range of demolition plant and equipment that is suited to almost any deconstruction task, enabling the company to act as principal contractor for notifiable projects under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. JMR is entirely familiar with the requirements of the role and its obligations in respect of the project and its management, managing contractors and overseeing site safety and security.
As principal contractor, JMR ensures that full control of each project remains firmly in the client’s hands. The company’s in-house operations team delivers a range of skills and expertise that includes structural demolition, high-reach demolition, robotic demolition, concrete cutting, diamond drilling and, for noise-sensitive areas, hydraulic crushing and bursting.

Previous projects have seen JMR tackle many different client structures, including multi-storey accommodation blocks, town-centre office buildings and large commercial buildings. Each brings unique challenges, and the company’s record of success across a broad spectrum of demolition projects is second to none. Mould recognises that demolition works pave the way for subsequent construction contracts, and understands the need to integrate one seamlessly into the other.
The company has a hard-earned reputation for excelling in sensitive environments where traffic volume, noise, vibration and dust are all potential issues. Ensuring compliance with project-specific conditions and maintaining good working relationships with all other stakeholders is all part of the service for JMR clients.