Reducing the environmental impact of construction projects throughout the UK is a shared objective for every company operating in the sector.

J Mould (Reading) are committed to sustainable development, and our in-house construction-materials recycling operation is a prime example. The facility is capable of recycling nearly all the waste materials that are brought in; these are then sent back to construction projects as recycled products, minimising the disposal of waste to landfill and completing a sustainable closed loop supply chain.

Recycled demolition waste is a valuable source of keenly priced construction materials that maintain exceptionally high standards of quality. Construction aggregates and topsoils of various grades are available, shipped directly to site from JMR’s facility in Reading and suitable for a diverse range of applications

Additionally, the company offers demolition clients an on-site crushing service where crushed materials are recycled on site and stockpiled for eventual re-use. This practical and cost-effective process provides an environmentally friendly alternative to removal and landfill disposal, while ensuring a direct source of aggregates conforming to relevant protocols and standards which can be used in subsequent phases of construction.

JMR’s expertise in the provision of recycled materials is highly valued by clients who see hard financial benefits arising on increasing numbers of projects. The quality of the products is comparable to quarried materials at much lower costs.


Earthmoving is a fundamentally important construction activity, and one which requires careful planning and execution.

Whether for site preparation, landscaping or re-profiling, earthmoving requires the same degree of planning and preparation as any other aspect of a successful construction contract. J Mould (Reading) is equipped to extract, redistribute and, where necessary, remove from site the substantial quantities of bulk material typically present during a major project.

Significant earthmoving works require careful preparation. Following the survey phase, JMR’s in-house team completes the volumetric calculations required for accurate planning and budgeting. The company’s comprehensive range of bulk-excavation equipment, complemented by a fleet of bulk-transport vehicles,accommodates the scope of even the largest earthmoving projects.

Whenever project constraints allow, JMR makes maximum re-use of excavated material. When extracted volumes exceed requirements for re-use, removal to an appropriate off-site facility is straightforward in view of JMR’s status as a licensed waste carrier. While JMR typically operates as Main Contractor, the company offers a specialist sub-contract earthmoving service when required.

JMR are also able to deal with contaminated brownfield sites, analysing existing site investigation data to delineate the contamination for selective segregated excavation, disposing of the contaminated soils by the most cost effective licenced route, with the ability to divert contaminated soils to treatment facilities therefore avoiding the requirement to pay landfill tax.. Let us deal with your contamination headaches!

JMR has the capability to deal with earthmoving projects at any scale, with works including full site preparation, topsoil stripping, landscaping, large-scale cut and fill, bulk excavation, on-site recycling and brown-field remediation. The company prides itself on approaching every contract with the same degree of professional care and expertise, delivering in each case a construction-ready site to the customer’s exact requirements


J Mould Reading can organise collection and disposal of excavation waste with our fleet of 50+ eight wheel tipper lorries and tipping facilities in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, large volume muckshifts are not a problem.

Our washing plant gives us the ability to recycle any granular subsoils with a silt content of less than 30%, which in the Thames Valley is highly likely due to the natural geology, we can offer very competitive rates for the disposal of excavation wastes that are able to be recycled by our washing plant, so our customers can achieve a cost saving and increase their recycling rates at the same time.

Concrete, Asphalt and Hardcore can all be 100% recycled by our crushing and screening systems and we can offer very competitive rates for the disposal of these off site.

We also have grab lorries available should you not have a machine on site with which to load our standard tipper lorries.

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