J Mould (Reading) is a specialist haulage company registered with the Environment Agency for waste operations

The company has more than 50 years’ experience in bulk excavation and haulage of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. With a fleet of more than 50 bulk-transport vehicles, JMRs is equipped to deal with haulage contracts of all sizes and complexity.

Removal and haulage of demolition waste, whether as part of a larger project or as a standalone contract, forms a major part of JMR’s haulage operations. As a licensed asbestos contractor and an experienced site-remediation specialist, the company is often contracted to remove contaminated waste from sites across the south of England and Wales. JMR’s in-house haulage teams transport these materials safely and professionally to approved disposal sites throughout the UK.

Non-hazardous demolition waste is typically consigned to the company’s own recycling facility where it is assessed and processed, either for re-use or disposal. JMR’s disposal facility in Reading is licensed to accept waste for use in construction, playing a part in reducing the 10 million tonnes of construction products wasted every year by the industry.

Every one of JMR’s haulage clients receives the same standard of professional advice and practical assistance, with the same end objective – prompt, professional removal and transport of site wastes from all types of industrial and commercial premises.


J Mould Reading operate a fleet of over 35 HGVs to service our customers’ requirements for the delivery of recycled aggregates and removal of waste from sites, our fleet is made up of the following vehicle types:

  • 8 wheel 32 tonne Tipper Lorries
  • 8 wheel 32 tonne Grab Lorries
  • 8 wheel Hook Loader Roll On Roll Off lorries
  • 4 wheel Skip Loaders
  • Articulated Bulkers, tippers and walking floors
  • Articulated Low Loaders
  • Flat Bed Hiab Lorries

Our large fleet enables us to cope with moving materials on a large scale, delivering or collecting thousands of tonnes each day from sites throughout the Thames Valley and beyond.

Recycled Aggregates

J Mould Reading produce recycled aggregates from construction and demolition wastes in our 75 acre waste transfer station, processing incoming concrete, asphalt,hardcore and granular subsoils into specification aggregates, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material are processed at our Berrys Lane site each year.

Dry Screened Aggregate Products

Concrete, Hardcore and Asphalt are crushed and screened using our fleet of crushers and screeners to produce various dry screened products in compliance with Highways England and European standards for aggregates, products produced are:

  • Type 1 Crushed Concrete
  • 6F5 Capping Aggregate(available as concrete or hardcore)
  • Coarse Crushed Concrete 40-80mm
  • Coarse Crushed Asphalt 40-80mm
  • 10mm Screened Topsoil
  • Tarmac Planings

Washed Recycled Aggregates

2018 saw the commissioning of our state of the art aggregate washing plant, the largest of its type in the UK, capable of producing over 300,000 tonnes of recycled aggregate each year from granular subsoils.

The plant can process subsoils with a silt/clay content of up to 30%, it screens, rinses, scrubs and sizes the aggregate and sand contained within the soils to produce various high specification single size aggregates and sands, products produced are:

  • Recycled Washed Sharp Sand 0/4mm
  • Recycled Washed 10mm Shingle (4/10mm)
  • Recycled Washed 20mm Shingle (10/20mm)
  • Recycled Washed 40mm Shingle (20/40mm)
  • Recycled Washed Coarse Aggregate (40/80mm)
  • Recycled Washed 20mm All In Ballast (0/20mm)
  • Recycled Washed 10/63mm SUDS Aggregate
  • Recycled Washed 4/20mm SUDS Aggregate

Silt and clay by products from the washing process are sorted and pressed into dry silt by our state of the art water management system, the largest of its type in Europe which enables us to process high silt content materials at high production rates.

Excavation Waste Disposal (Muck Away)

J Mould Reading can organise collection and disposal of excavation waste with our fleet of 50+ eight wheel tipper lorries and tipping facilities in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, large volume muckshifts are not a problem.

Our washing plant gives us the ability to recycle any granular subsoils with a silt content of less than 30%, which in the Thames Valley is highly likely due to the natural geology, we can offer very competitive rates for the disposal of excavation wastes that are able to be recycled by our washing plant, so our customers can achieve a cost saving and increase their recycling rates at the same time.

Concrete, Asphalt and Hardcore can all be 100% recycled by our crushing and screening systems and we can offer very competitive rates for the disposal of these off site.

We also have grab lorries available should you not have a machine on site with which to load our standard tipper lorries.

Fly tipping Clearance

At J.Mould, we deploy grab lorries throughout the London area to deliver an
efficient and prompt waste removal service. Our grab hire can help to manoeuvre loads over and around any awkward spaces, removing any headaches regarding bulky loads or tricky locations.

Whether you operate in construction, demolition or any other commercial capacity, our team can handle your waste disposal requirements with the help of a grab lorry service. There are no permits and our grab lorries have a much higher capacity for waste than the average skip.

To arrange for grab hire in London and the surrounding area, or for more details about this service, simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you with your individual requirements.

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